Sham Idrees is a musician, music director, and YouTuber of Pakistani origin. He was born Ehtesham Idrees on October 16th, 1988 in England. Sham Idrees  become uber-popular online, especially on YouTube  first with his music videos and then his Vlogs and funny videos.  Most of the time has has been seen collaborating with another Youtuber and his best friend Queen Froggy ( Real name is Seher ) who features as his wife and girlfriend in his comedy skits, the two were just very good friends and their friendship turned in to Love and finally they both got engaged recently in a private ceremony where Sham Idress proposed froggy in a very romantic way

Watch Engagement Video here:

Sham Idress and Froggy announced this news on tehir social media accounts on facebook , Instagram and twitter and the news has been spread like a wildfire .

shamidrees   Posted we are Engaged ❤️💍 A new chapter of our lives begin Say Mashaa’Allah



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We are Engaged ❤️💍 A new chapter of our lives begin Say Mashaa’Allah

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Queen Froggy posted No words to describe how I feel, my best friend proposed last night and now he’s my Fiancé 🙊 ENGAGED 💍 #Alhamdulillah #Blessed #SayMashALLAH

Lots of best wishes for both of them for their future life ahead !


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