Yashma Gill returned to the screen with an incredible performance in the first episode of the new drama series ‘Bebaak,’ which premiered last week. The drama, directed by Mohsin Talat and written by Abdul Khaliq Khan for Moomal Entertainment and Momina Duraid, had a lot to offer in terms of story dynamics and character introductions in the first episodes.

Bebaak tells the story of Wafa, a little girl who is not only bold and headstrong, but also greedy, cruel, opinionated, and demanding. She understands how to take advantage of her relationships and those around her. She strives to be wealthy and is unconcerned about the cost to others of her ambitions. Her mother is one of her victims, as she joins forces with her gambler father to mock her. She is born into an impoverished family and receives a scholarship to a prestigious institution, where she meets Ali Ansari’s character Meesum. Meesum is enamoured by her beauty the moment he meets her, and he believes she is from a wealthy family because Wafa has given him that idea throughout. Bebaak’s journey is far more intricate, and there are other interconnected subplots that will finally lead to Wafa.

Overall, the drama has a lot to offer, and Yashma Gill’s portrayal of the lead character thus far has been nothing short of outstanding. She has done an excellent job portraying Wafa’s character. Her facial expressions, delivery of phrases, and body language all perfectly match the role she is portraying. Her faultless performance is impressive, whether she is unhappy and throwing a tantrum at her mother and siblings or when she is in her university being all decent and rich. Her easy portrayal of such a difficult and intricate character has made us look forward to the drama even more!


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