By Muhammad Maisam

Yaariyan’s last episode aired Friday night and we could not have asked for a better ending. A story about love, friendship, and jealousy which revolves around 2 sisters Zobi and Sadia, as they struggle with their relationships because of the misunderstandings created by Zobi.

The drama serial was full of twists and turns which kept the viewers clinging onto the screens to see what will happen next. It teaches how to maintain your relations with your spouse, your in-laws and your parents. The unique concept led on to the drama becoming a huge success, making it a chart topper on YouTube and our television screens. With its brilliant story line that had the audience’s hooked right from the beginning, “Yaariyan” has been a fan favorite from episode 1, and this unique storyline was conceptualized by none other than Abdullah Kadwani.

Abdullah Kadwani once again with his unique idea was able to break the TRP ratings through the roof. Everyone watching the drama was fascinated with the concept of it and couldn’t guess what was going to happen next. This is exactly what 7th Sky Entertainment production house have aimed to produce over the past few years. Having aired some of the best works on Geo Tv including; “Dil kia karay”, “Ghar Tilli Ka Pahar”, “Khali Haat”, “Kahani” etc. The content of every drama is different, no same old typical concepts are reused which is one of the main reasons for their success and the praise it receives from the audience. These dramas not only entertain us, but they leave us with something to think about and something to hold on to.

With the brilliant new storylines and moral based stories, 7th Sky under the guidance of Abdullah Kadwani have managed to up the game of entertainment in the Pakistani drama industry. With back to back blockbuster dramas airing on Geo, we are finally at the end of great entertainment and it looks like we are only going to go up from here onwards.


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