After the success of Kamzarf, Rabab Hashim returns to our TV screens with Mere Mohsin. Written by Nadia Akhter and directed by Ali Faizan, Mere Mohsin is a story of family values, love and the unique relation between parents and children. Other than Rabab Hashim, the cast includes Syed Jibran, Saba Hameed, Jinaan Hussain, Gul-e-Rana, Fazila Qazi, Tanveer Jamal, Saleem Mairaj and Maryam Nafees. Although Mere Mohsin is just two episodes old, the story has already reached an interesting point and the incredible cast makes it even more special.

Rabab Hashim plays the role of Soha, an only child from a rich family. In this week’s episode, Mohsin returns to his hometown and forgets to inform Soha who has planned an elaborate birthday surprise for him. However, it seems difficult for Mohsin to even receive her call, as he gets caught up with his family. On the other hand, Soha’s father, Rizwan, celebrates his wedding anniversary with Alia. Despite being married for years, Rizwan has kept his marriage hidden due to the fear of losing his only daughter, Soha. Meanwhile, Mohsin’s mother plans to get him married according to her own choice, before he is able to express his own wishes. It seems like Mohsin has a secret admirer who might become his bride as well.

Although Rabab Hashim has played diverse characters previously, this is the first time she is seen as a bratty, rich girl. However, she makes it completely believable and keeps the audience connected with the character.

Another interesting role in the drama is being played by Saba Hameed. A dominating mother who wants to control and dictate her children, her character is bold and Saba Hameed has done full justice to it.

Mere Mohsin has already made quite an impression on its audiences. We cannot wait to catch the third episode now, only on Geo Entertainment.

By Mehak Zahra


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