We belong to a generation who praises what they see, thereby, what’s invisible to our naked eye is perceived to be non existent. This is especially true in the case of our entertainment industry, whereby, the credit of an entire production usually goes to a few chosen people usually occupying the front stage.

The problem with this kind of model is related to the lack of recognition on part of the ones working back stage, who put in equal or sometimes even more effort than usual to make a production successful.

Our post for today is dedicated to the very talented Waqar Ali, who is a singer as well as a music director with a portfolio most singers would die for!

OSTs for drama serials date back quite far, but were never considered a necessity until Waqar Ali’s composition of the sound track for drama serial “Aansoo” became an instant hit. Sung by Ali Azmat, the song became a trend setter for future generations of dramas and their OSTs.

This was later followed by “Mera naam hai mohabbat”, a song sung by the composer himself, which crossed the borders and made its way into one of the Indian films “Life in a metro”, where it received multiple awards.

However, Waqar Ali’s success story received its epitome upon the release of his composition of the OST for drama serial “Humsafar”, which was sung in Quratullain Baloch’s extremely melodious voice. The fact that the song was originally released during the year 2011, yet resides in our playlists still in the year 2018, best describes its brilliance.

Ah well, the story doesn’t really ends here; Waqar however continues to bag big projects in order to make his way into our hearts. The OST for drama serial “Piyare Afzal” featured Waqar Ali’s modern rendition to the song “Jaane woh kaise log thy”, originally sung by Hemant Kumar. And oh boy, how can we simply not love his voice?

That’s not all folks, sound tracks for drama serials “Dil-e-Muztar” (which was even awarded a prize for the best sound track), Khushboo ka ghar, Meri Beti, Mataye jaan hai tu and so many more, were all sung by the singer under discussion. Interestingly enough, the brilliant composer didn’t restrict himself to OSTs, he however went on to compose jingles for various advertisements and morning shows such as “Good Morning Pakistan” which is being aired on ARY Digital.

Its an honor to have artists with the caliber of Waqar Ali to represent the music industry of Pakistan and we hope that more singers and composers would learn from him to give an additional boom to the industry.


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