With some outstanding Pakistani shows to say goodbye to in 2021, our television industry is gearing up to welcome even greater ones. Thankfully, we have our own Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, who have been producing outstanding content for the Pakistani television business for the past decade by anticipating the local entertainment landscape.

Another fascinating project named ‘Aye Mushte Khak’ for the viewers is 7th Sky Entertainment’s next endeavor to deliver something new to the palette of drama aficionados. The show will be premiered on GEO TV. The project has been directed by Aehsun Talish and comes as third collaboration of the power couple Feroze Khan and Sana Javed, with Nimra Khan and Asad Siddiqui in supporting roles.

Presently, the treasures’ of the drama are making waves on the internet with each teaser having millions of views within few hours of its release. The show is, expected to be a head turner, as evidenced by the teasers.

Aye Musht e Khak is a compelling tale of love, passion and deception. It’s a story about a pampered adolescent, who is completely lost in life. He doesn’t want to come up short. He tries to figure out what his life’s purpose is. When he lost against the love of his life, he sought vengeance and grew close to her. A love story can be viewed in a different light.

Feroz Khan who is known for choosing substantial characters and compelling screenplays, will play a completely different character in this drama, portraying a figure with shades of slightly negative and strange features. Sana Javed can be seen channeling her inner Sufi in latest teasers with some awesome lines.

The show is shaping up to be the year’s biggest blockbuster. With strong performances, outstanding dialogue delivery, and spot-on acting by Sana and Feroze, the drama is surely set to steal TRPs.

The first episode of Aye Musht e Khak is something we’re looking forward to seeing. If you haven’t seen the drama’s teasers yet, here’s a treat for your eyes:


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