War is a tragedy, the after affects of which are impossible to erase and are evident within generations that follow. This tragedy gets embedded in every life that is lost, whether young or old and whether soldier of civilian. It is experienced in every path that has suffered, every building that got destroyed, every tree that was brought down and every wildlife which lost either it’s life or habitat.

Why is it then that we pay such a huge price to call a piece of land, ours? How ruthlessly do we destroy the very beings which not only inhabit this land but also help nurture it; all this simply in order to satisfy our thirst for power – how inhumane!

As if the humanity within us all just woke up from a deep deep slumber, the world is condemning all threats from Indian government of a war looming over Pakistan’s head. Ever since the Pulawama Attack, Pakistanis have been bombarded with hate speech from India and wrongly accused to be the masterminds behind the attack. Bollywood celebrities along with Indian Media assumed the role of a grumpy child whose hate mongering has been reaching new heights by day.

Bollywood celebrities continue to spread hatred by igniting a Cold War over Pulwama Attack…

A slight twist in the situation took place after Pakistan shot down two Indian fighter jets and arrested the Indian fighter pilot, Abhinandan. Retaliation from Pakistan showed both sides how serious this rhetorical demand for war can become and thereby paved way for twitteraties chanting unanimously #SayNoToWar.

Prime Minister Imran Khan won massive respect globally by releasing Abhinandan in order to give a peace statement to India as well as to the entire world. While Indian media continues to project this step as a cowardly act from Pakistan, many Indians have started seeing Modi for the power hungry mongrel he is!

Friday saw #GoBackModi becoming the most popular trend on Twitter and Instagram.

And then, Imran Khan got all the universal praise he deserved, with the twitteraties chanting #ThankyouImranKhan!

So guys, now that Abhinandan has been returned to India as a gesture of peace, lets see how the scenario plays out. Pakistan has played its part in the efforts for peace; the ball is now in India’s court and lets see how they play it out.

In the meanwhile, #SayNoToWar #GoBackModi and #ThankyouImranKhan !!!


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