One of the most intriguing drama serials by 7th Sky Entertainment these days, ‘Qayamat’ has garnered a lot of popularity after giving us one enticing episode after another. The tale of love and tragedy, penned down by Sarwat Nazeer, has all the right ingredients to keep us hooked to it and the twists and turns it has brought so far make us look forward to it every week. Last night’s episode was also a happening one as Samra got married to Rashid, and henceforth we expect some troubling times for her and her family, as revealed in the teasers.

Samra’s aunt is not in favor of the marriage while Rashid is also not interested it. Hence, we saw how both of them did not miss any chance in making Samra’s family realize this. While Rashid’s mother does not want Samra to be her daughter-in-law owing to class difference, Rashid is in a relationship with someone else and is only marrying her because of his father. During the wedding events happening, Rashid’s attitude was too disgraceful while his mother insulted her family by saying mean things regarding their status in front of the guests and sending her cheap clothes and jewelry.

Samra is heartbroken after leaving her love Saad for the sake of her parents but she deals with all of this with a lot of patience. She knows what kind of a person Rashid is and how spoiled and arrogant he is, but she has sacrificed her happiness since she does not want her parents to suffer at the hands of Rashid’s family by refusing this marriage.

On the other hand, her sister Ifrah is not as submissive as Samra and does not fear in voicing her concerns. Therefore, she also raised her point when the Haq mehr was discussed and asked it to be raised as it was her sister’s right. Rashid’s brother Jawad, who returned to Pakistan after 5 years of studies abroad, has fallen for her and we are looking forward to how their love story will unfold. Jawad is different from his family as, like Ifrah, he also calls a spade a spade. The onscreen chemistry between Haroon Shahid and Neelum Munir is amazing and a treat to watch. On the other hand, Amar Khan, Saba Faisal, and Ahsan Khan have also justified their roles.

The preview of the next episode suggests that Rashid will start giving Samra a tough time from their wedding night. There is still a lot in store for us in ‘Qayamat’ as it is only 5 episodes down yet, and we are eagerly looking forward to see how things will unfold.


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