With numerous television channels and an audience spoilt for choices, Express TV has been a shining star throughout 2023. It captured a viewership like no other with a lineup of shows that have resonated deeply with audiences. Which earned their dramas the much-deserved recognition the compelling narratives, and exceptional performances.

Notably, “Ahsaas,” a Ramazan Special Series, an episodic series that started last Ramzan made an impact this year also with impactful new social issue based storylines in each episode striking the emotional chords, while delivering profound messages. Alongside, dramas like “Muhabbat Ki Akhri Kahani,” and “Meher Mah” intricately wove tales of love, heartbreak, and redemption, leaving strong imprints on viewers’ hearts.

“Mein Kahani Hun,” told multiple stories based on real-life societal problems that we see around us, capturing the hearts of the viewers.

We for the first time saw a star known for his masculine roles shed the image and take us on a captivating journey of a transgender in this society struggling to raise a girl-child he found abandoned in the show, “Guru.”

“Gunah,” a gripping mini-series, delved into the criminal backdrop of a runaway couple, showcasing powerhouse performances by Saba Qamar, Rabia Butt, Sarmad Khosat, and Jugan Kazim, unraveling a poignant family tragedy with intense emotional depth.

The trailblazing mini-series “Razia,” led by Shaheera Jalil alongside Mohib Mirza and Momal Sheikh, swiftly captured viewers’ hearts. It struck all the right cords with the audience. Moreover, we saw Mahira Khan’s portrayal as the narrator adding a refreshing dimension to the narrative.

These shows received overwhelming acclaim for their immersive storylines, thought-provoking themes, and outstanding performances. Express TV’s unwavering commitment to diverse, meaningful content continues to captivate audiences and garner a loyal viewership with their compelling television dramas.


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