The emotional vibe was high this time. With Atif’s latest ‘Hamein Pyaar hai’ to channel 92’s hilariously over-dramatic representation of Pakistan’s defence forces, and not to forget the painful tribute and tears for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Pakistan and visits to their families, this 6th of September covered all the aspects.

The event at GHQ was sober but throngs of guests including journalists and actors were invited. But the part where ‘lala’ Shahid Afridi was slyly putting in ‘Naswar’ was one of the main highlights that bulldozed the Social Media after the Event ended. And possibly is one of the funniest captures of all time!

The event also incorporated some heart-wrenching songs sung by Rahat Fateh Ali khan (recording) and Sahir Ali bagga, Aima baig and Shafaqat Amanat ali live.

And how can we forget our PM Imran Khan’s final speech in which he proudly announced that Pakistan will not fight someone else’s war and that had he not been in cricket, he would have been one of the retired army men. Haee, just Imagine him in that uniform!

And not to forget the First Lady, Bushra Imran, sitting right next to him. We definitely want to see them both together.

Source: Instagram

Meanwhile the irony was to see Shahbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto sitting and listening to Imran khan’s speech, I mean who would have thought? Shahbaz uncle looked quite uncomfortable.

And if you have not visited Wagah Border yesterday, you have probably missed a lot. The ‘mohol’ was filled with zest and zeal.

It is worthy to say that 6th September comes only once a year but the sacrifice of a martyr and sacrifices of army men in general needs to be acknowledged throughout the year. Not just the war of 1965, Pakistan Defence has always been the real force behind keeping Pakistan intact since independence!


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