The holy month of Ramzan has just arrived, and like every year, the Ramzan OST by Geo Entertainment has been introduced to the public. It is a month of blessings and people wait for it the entire year for the tremendous benefits and rewards this blessed month brings with itself. For Muslims all over the world, Ramzan is precious and is honored wholeheartedly.

The beautiful OST of Ehsaas Ramzan by Har Pal GEO has left me in tears! Why? Because –
 Its Soulful Lyrics
The lyrics of the OST have been written by Sabir Zafar. Each line holds meaning and a heart-touching message for us for this blessed month.
“Allah se kurbat k liye khaas hai Ramazan, har sahib e imaan ki meeras hai Ramazan, Momin hai toh har pal ko ku’at se guzaray, akhlaas hai, esaar hai, ehsaas hai Ramazan”
 Peaceful Vibes Oozing out of the Music in the Background
From the beginning to the end of the OST, the music has been kept soft and smooth to give off those peaceful vibes that Ramazan really is all about! The composition has been done by the legend Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who is also the singer of this OST. His magical voice has enriched the lyrics with more power and a lasting impact on the listener.

 A Powerful Message Being Displayed
Ramzan teaches us many things and the OST’s video shows every lesson that is essential to be learnt and remembered during this month. From practicing Taqwa, to cleanliness, and lifting up the deprived parts of our society, the team has done a good job in inspiring rightful acts.

 The Well-Portrayed OST
The OST has been directed by Zeeshan Rasheed and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. The 5+ minute long OST has been quite exceptionally made, with the team behind it successfully delivering a bright and well-executed storyline in the OST.
What is the best part of Ramzan, that helps you grow, makes you humble and shows you how to be patient? Let us know in the comments section about your views.

Shahrukh Gulnaz


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