While we can’t go for dining out with friends or enjoy big cinematic experiences anymore, TV has become our only entertainment source in these pandemic blues. This Eid weekend, 7th Sky Entertainment, keeping the legacy of providing us fresh content, came up with another Eid special telefilm “Teray Pyar Mai.” The telefilm featured the newly married duo, Agha Ali, and Hina Altaf in a light-hearted romantic comedy set up.

Produced by the ace duo Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi and directed by Saima Waseem, Teray Pyar Mai is beautifully written by Saima Bukhari. The cast includes Hina Bayat and Beena Chaudhry in key roles, while Adila Khan, Uzmi, and Danish are seen in supporting roles. The OST by Bilal Saeed beautifully compliments the story as well.  

The story is about a newlywed couple Haseena and Zaman, who couldn’t find their alone time as Zaman’s mother tries to separate him from his wife. Haseena, who has learned her mother in law’s tricks, decides to compete with her in everything. In the midst of all this, Zaman becomes the object of both the ladies’ attention, as they fail to spare him for a moment. As Zaman struggles to divide his time and attention between his wife, Haseena, and his mother, Sabira, leads to daily arguments amongst family members. But family is what keeps one together, so once exposed to a threat, the audience loves how they come together.

The gorgeous Hina Altaf and the handsome Agha Ali’s romantic chemistry makes one fall in love with this newlywed couple, who try to find the best time they could for each other. As the story progresses from their marriage scene, the telefilm follows the amusing situations between a couple and their in-laws. The comic and romantic scenes were quite natural and spontaneous. From natural, witty Punjabi dialogues to colorful costumes to exceptional on-point acting by everyone, this light-hearted play has won us over.

All in all, the telefilm made for a super fun watch, and if you missed it on Eid, here comes the treat for you!


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