Before a drama serial comes out, what is it that catches your attention? Makes you want to tune into the channel to see whether the drama itself is worth a watch? What is it that you could call a “love at first sight”? How do you even get introduced to the actors???

Well well, lets put your query to rest and no, the answer isn’t “morning shows”!

Its the OST to a particular drama serial which not only gives us a hint to the story line the drama would be adopting, but also acquaints us with the actors who would be starring. It gives us our necessary first impression, on the basis of which we decide the worth of the drama.

Developing an OST is a difficult task, and involves a team effort which may or may not make it successful. This is why, Hum Style Awards have an entire category dedicated to determining and awarding the best OST of the year. Lets make the work of Hum Style Award jurors, easy, and identify the top OSTs of the year 2018!


Leading all OSTs of the said year with around more than 32 million views, this drama serial has been the talk of the town for quite a time now. Gaining positive reviews from all over the country as well as the rival country India, this OST is all set to break records. Heart touching lyrics written by Sahir Ali Baggah, topped with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s melodious voice, has us all addicted to the song.


Another blockbuster hit, and that too on international media which manage to snag some 11.5 million views! Yeah you heard that right bro!

It is OST to the drama serial Parlor Wali Larki, sung by Sehar Gul Khan, composed by Asim Raza & Soach Band and Lyrics by Asim Raza.


Featuring a complicated intertwining of love, hate and jealousy, the OST for drama serial Ghar Titli ka Par has managed to bag more than 4 million views! Any sound track sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has this magic to it, for it becomes an instant hit! Additionally, the lyrics have been written down by Sahir Ali Baggah, jinki jitni tareef ki jaye, kum hai!


All set to bring back the blockbuster feels of drama serial “Landa bazaar”, this drama serial has yet again managed to astound us with a sound track sung by Rahat fateh Ali khan(We are running out of adjectives to describe Rahat’s voice!)

Written by the very talented writer, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and composed by Ameer Feroz, the sound track has managed to snag some 3.5 million views!

  • Ishq Tamasha:

A stunning OST with around more than 2.5 million well earned views, the sound track features a very melodious Sanam Marvi coupled with Sanval Esakhelvi. The song has been composed by Naveed Nashad and written by Mubashir Hassan.


Another much needed dose of Rahat Ali Khan’s beautiful voice comes through the sound track for drama serial Khasara. Did you check out the depth of the lyrics? So meaningful aren’t they? Well, they have been penned down by Adnan Dhool and composed by Soch band, and together the effort has been able to garner around 2.5 million views!


If you thought Arsal and Jiya’s love chemistry was less than enough to win your hearts, the OST of the drama serial can most probably fill that void! Sung by the very talented actor/ singer Farhan Saeed, composed by Naveen Nashad and written by Ahson Talish himself, the OST left no stones upturned in winning our hearts and gained a much appreciated 2 million views!


The drama which featured a movement for the empowerment of women, has been quite popular on social media especially in regard with its OST, which has managed to attain more than 1.5 million views! Composed as well as sung by Sahir Ali Baggah and written by Ali Zaryoun, the song is very close to our hearts.


Sung by Adnan Dhool , Composed by Sanam Marvi and Soch Band and the lyricist being Adnan Dhool, this OST managed to gain almost 1 million views.


This amazing drama serial which has absolutely won our hearts by portraying the finest level of acting display has also managed to create a well viewed OST with around 750K followers!

Singer: Rahma Ali Muqaddraan / Saania

Compose & Lyrics: Sami Khan


This amazing sound track which has garnered some 60K views in a small time features the melodious voice of Nabeel Shaukat Ali with the music composer being Waqar Ali. The song has been written by the very talented Maahir Kamal.

Note the fact that no single sound track is a single handed work, and in fact includes a team effort. Why is it then that there is no category for the best Lyricist or composer of OST in the HUM Style Awards or any other awards for that matter? We need to recognize the talent we have in all fields, for this is what will inspire our younger generations to follow in our footsteps!




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