By Mehwish A. Wahid

Drama serial ‘Munafiq’, produced by 7th Sky Entertainment, has garnered significant popularity on the basis of its gripping story and phenomenal acting. Written by Hina Huma Nafees, directed by Saleem Ghanchi, ‘Munafiq’ has some amazing actors to its credit. Starring Mariyam Nafees, Adeel Chaudary, Fatima Effendi, Marina Khan, and Bilal Qureshi in pivotal roles, the drama airs on Geo TV from Monday to Friday at 7 PM. Till now, we have seen a lot of twists and turns in the story to keep us captivated.

Armaan, played by Adeel Chaudhry, is a rich man possessing power, fame, and authority. He gets married to a lower-middle-class girl Ujala, played by Fatima Effendi, to avoid any legal issues since her brother and father die because of his negligence in his factory. Ujala is a caring and kind girl, but Armaan and his mother, played by Marina Khan, are cruel people who only think of their benefits. Once Ujala gives birth to Affan, they declare him dead and give him to Armaan’s second wife. However, Ujala is able to get the DNA tests done and finds out that Affan is her own child who was not born dead.

Despite Ujala’s efforts, Sobia, Armaan, and his mother plot against her to take Affan from her, and Armaan sends her divorce papers. Ujala, with the help of Hamza, files a case for Affan’s custody, but she is facing a lot of pressure and threats from Armaan and her mother. However, with media on Ujala’s side, things have started turning in her favor.

Overall, Munafiq has an engaging plot, and it keeps you looking forward to it every day. The brilliant acting of all the actors makes ‘Munafiq’ a must-watch for the 7 PM slot. Adeel Chaudhry and Marina Khan deserve appreciation for outperforming the villainous roles they are playing and making us hate their characters to the core. Fatima Effendi is doing complete justice to Ujala’s character.

Now that Ujala has taken a stand for Affan in the court, we are excitedly looking forward to see her succeed in getting her child and leading a happy life.


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