Mahira Khan. That’s right. The name that attracts each and everyone, not just over in Pakistan, but all over the world. The identity that has represented Pakistan globally in the world of entertainment has not only created history, but has proven to be a national and international star.

Speaking of star, superstar as we know has been making the news for the right reasons. With her leading the film with Bilal Ashraf and showcasing the world of glitz glam and stardom, the audiences have experienced the hit bekaraan, the mega trailer, the very romantic in Dinon and now Noori.

Noori as a track boasts of the perfect set up paving way for the power house of a name Mahira Khan. This track is owned and perfected by her charm as she boasts of the setup with her co star Osman Khalid Butt, but the focus doesn’t distract us from her moves and ultimate perfection.

Watch Song Here:

Azaan Sami Khan has turned in to a maestro with his musical compositions and the enigmatic vocals of Sundini Chauhan & Jabbar Abbas.

Noori is ambitious, Noori is fearless, Noori is out the to show to the world that there is no business like show business, and we love it! We also assume that this track introduces us to a slight story arc of Noori & Sameer which seems to be the conflict where our lead pair will eventually collide and prove whether stardom is the answer, or will love prevail.

Well, we will just have to wait for the release to find out.


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