These celebrities’ shared their Binance experience with you, they started their crypto journey with Binance, Initially, they learnt everything about crypto, web3, and blockchain from Binance academy. Binance academy has a wide range of crypto resources where you can learn everything easily and it’s totally free for everyone.

The Binance app has very good features including, Binance P2P, Spot trading, and NFT’s marketplace, which are very simple and easy to use. You can also learn from Binance academy as Binance academy has covered a large number of topics and constantly posted about new topics.

Please do remember DYOR(Do Your Own Research) is very important in crypto, and I strongly recommend you learn everything from Binance academy first.

They will suggest starting your crypto journey now with Binance as they had very good experience with Binance. The link is available in the description please join now.


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