Wahaj Ali is a name that needs no introduction. This young actor has been making headlines time and time again for his brilliant performances in various hit shows, so when Bikhray Moti started to air, we expected no less than for this talented actor to steal the show once again.

In last night’s episode, Wahaj Ali, starring as Ahad in the drama, reminded us once again why he is considered one of the most seasoned performers in the industry. The audience flooded social media with praises for the star after the episode had aired and we can’t help but agree. Wahaj Ali has really managed to justify a role that’s actually intricate.

From YouTube, Instagram, to Twitter, the audience could be seen flooding comments and posts with compliments and praises for Wahaj!

It came as no surprise that the actor has fans from the border across too!

People have been praising the star for his portrayal of Ahad in the drama!

On Twitter, people had a lot to say too! (We totally agree, no one can beat this man in acting!)

Now, we can’t wait to watch what happens next with Ahad. Wahaj Ali has been doing justice to the character so far, and we are expecting nothing less from him in the upcoming episodes as well!


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