Shan foods Doctor Bahu
Shan foods Doctor Bahu


In Pakistan bringing home, a doctor bahu is the desire of every mother. The reality, however, is not so simple… the medical degree is seen as a means and a ‘hot ticket’. Women are accused of wasting their education in medicine by never practicing as doctors after they get married. But has anyone thought of why these women are unable to practice? These are some of the major talking points surrounding the role of women in medicine in Shan Foods’ new ad. The brand steps forward and rolls out its new campaign titled ‘#OathForHer’ that brilliantly weaves the role played by a mother-in-law in shaping the journey of her doctor bahu.

The minute & twenty-second long TVC highlights the glory of womanhood. It features the journey of a doctor who is committed to serving humanity. On the contrary, she has a list of household chores to do. Helping someone is also an act of faith and in the process, the mother-in-law takes hold of the responsibilities and liberates her doctor bahu to rise and shine.

The TVC builds an instant positive connection with the viewers by portraying a heartwarming narrative of joy with well-crafted visuals and thought-provoking lyrics. One of the major highlights is the soulful jingle that evokes goosebumps all over. The communication is highly creative and effective with the masses to drive relevance. The emotions are raw and real; the exquisite shots adds depth. It aims to send across much-needed support to women by giving them relief and relishing the moments of happiness.

The pioneer of spice mix in Pakistan, Shan Food’s strong foothold of indulgence over four decades is a testimony of the brand’s commitment to driving innovation.  It has been a brand that encourages and inspires people to connect and spread vast the spirit of hope and positivity. Shan Foods has always stood up for bringing people together and this campaign takes ahead this proposition.


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