Amir Liaquat, the renowned scholar, TV show host and a politician as well, recently became the talk of the town, YET AGAIN! And the topic was none other than his second marriage to “Tuba Amir”, his co-worker at BOL TV.

While Amir Liaquat’s valima pics were still being circulated around, his family that is, his kids and first wife, took onto social media to show that everything was not as well and smooth as it was being portrayed by the former.

Bushra Amir, while not directly speaking against the matter, made sure to portray her sadness over the topic through her dual meaning posts.

What hit the media most was probably the reaction of Amir Liaquat’s daughter, Dua Amir on his father’s marriage.

All these reactions and posts did nothing to help the scholar’s impression on the social media. However articles, twitter, Instagram and  posts by some news channel caused more harm than benefit. To condemn this, Amir Liaquat finally took to social media in an attempt to clear his part out.

In his recent interview with Bol TV, Amir Liaquat talks about how it is unfair to him that people are talking about his second marriage as if its a wrong thing to do.

He goes on to say that nobody has the right to talk about his personal affairs, especially because they have no prior knowledge of his situation.

Amir Liaquat concludes the debate over his marriage by giving a new statement for people to talk about. In what was to be his message to all, the scholar says

“Shaadi karo Zina nahin”




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