The leading production house of the country 7th Sky Entertainment, led by the dynamic duo of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, comes up with something special on every special occasion. Keeping the spirit of Eid al -Adha 2021 to the fullest, Geo TV gave the viewers a dose of fun and entertainment in the form of Eid Special telefilm ‘Romantetic Razia’. It’s important to deliver what you promise. The promos of the telefilm promised laughter unlimited. After watching it, we realized that the makers did deliver a product that offered wholesome entertainment. Let’s Analyze As obvious from its name Romantic Razia narrates the tale of a young, fun and chirpy girl Razia (Hina Altaf). Her motto in life is to get married and visit Swat for her honeymoon. She’s a bit immature and naïve in nature; hence her marriage proposals mostly get rejected. Her mother (Hina Dilpazir) wants her to get married in any case but her grandmother (Samina Ahmed) sensibly analyses each proposal. One day while going to home; Razia narrowly escapes an accident with Rameez’s (Azfar Rehman) car. Rameez instantly falls in love with Razia. Rameez is an eligible bachelor, the dream husband for any girl. Her mother (Salma Zafar) is also looking for a suitable proposal for him and incidentally, the match maker sends Razia’s picture to her.

Rameez is now a happy man; he goes to Razia’s place. Things as usual don’t go perfectly within the elders. Her mother disapproves Razia; she thinks that she will be a misfit according to the protocols of their society. Rameez uses his mother’s phone and secretly sends a message to the matchmaker that they like the girl. Rameez and Razia now engaged. The twist in the narrative comes when Rameez’s mother calls her niece Sarah and plans to call off their engagement. Sarah tries her best to do so but fails badly. She realizes her mistake and helps Rameez and Razia to get married.

As for the writing; there’s no denying that it’s clever. Hassan Imam defines the characters well, the setting and situations are just right and the dialogues are sharp and witty. One doesn’t mind watching nonsensical situations as long as it holds our interest. Director Mazhar Moin entertains you with sufficient tummy laughs. Let’s not overlook the fact that a large chunk of the viewers admire and relish entertainment and are passionate about the content of this variety.

As for the performances; Azfar Rehman is in full form and delivers a fine performance, although it’s not something that he has not done before. He’s quite good in the comic portions. This time around, Hina Altaf has emerged as a mature actress in her comic timing and gets your funny bone tickling with her worthy act. Hina Dilpazir was fabulous. Samina Ahmed was dependable and Salma Zafar puts up a decent act once again.

Romantic Razia is an ideal fun ride that delivers ample entertainment quotient. An out-and-out entertainer, it surely lighted up the celebratory festive mood. If your idea of watching a comedy is to have a good time then ‘Romantic Razia’ is specially designed for you.

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