7th Sky Entertainment’s Muqaddar just aired its thirty-third episode last night. Any other show would have fizzled out of its entertainment value by now but luckily, it hasn’t been the case with this social drama With every passing episode, the show has gone from strength to strength, showcasing some of the most brilliant performances and top notch writing, thanks to the duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi being behind this production.  

In the latest episode, we find out that Farkhanda plays a yet another dirty trick up her sleeve to ridicule Raima in front of Saif ur Rehman but things take a different turn when Raima faints and is rushed to the hospital, much to Farkhanda’s dismay. She thinks it’s nothing but an act. She is shocked when she learns that Raima is pregnant. She feels threatened because she realizes that there’s another contender for Saif ur Rehman’s wealth and property other than Abeera. She suggests Raima to abort the baby because she will have nowhere to go with her baby once Saif ur Rehman dies. By the end of the episode, Farkhanda tells Saad she won’t let him marry Abeera until he doesn’t convince Saif ur Rehman to divorce Raima.

There’s no shortage of on screen talent with Muqaddar, and it is all owed to the characters. Madiha Imam portrays Raima with a beautiful simplicity. In a world of politics, familial issues, wealth, corruption, power and position, Raima stands out as a young girl who had dreams for herself and how her world crumbled around her. She was the embodiment of strength, tenacity, compassion and genuineness throughout the turmoil that swept away her life when she was abducted after Saif ur Rehman fell for her.

Even after everything, Raima made peace with her situation and took it in her stride instead of crying over it for the rest of life, something a run of the mill character would have done. But Raima wasn’t written that way. She was never the damsel in distress. She was courageous and chose to look at her problems right in the eye. Over the course of the show, Raima has risen above all of her adversities and difficulties and has managed to hold her own space in front of people who could have easily overpowered her but she didn’t let that happen.

Raima is one of the strongest female lead characters that have graced our screens in a long time. She has stood steadfast and pure at heart despite of everything that has happened in her life and for that, Madiha Imam deserves all the praise and accolades that have come her way. We can’t wait to see what she does with Raima in the upcoming episodes and how she will face her problems that are sure to come her way.


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