The 25th episode of 7th Sky Entertainment’s much-loved drama series brought many onscreen and perhaps some off-screen tears (judging by the reaction on social media). We knew that things weren’t going well for the young couple. But the full extent of their division, the hammer blow took place this week. 

Irtiza, enraged by the supposed betrayal by Mushk has a big decision to make. Does he take Mushk on her word, or is it time to end this relationship? While Mushk awaits as a bride, hoping that the verdict will be in her favour, Irtiza, influenced by his parents, stays away. The ultimate agony and humiliation for not only Mushk but her proud father. A man who loves his children but is more concerned about his self-respect and honour.

Facing an impossible situation, Mushk’s father almost begs Ismail (Gohar Rasheed) to save their “izat.” He agrees to marry Mushk, and despite her anger and sorrow, she says, “qabool hai”. Her words say one thing, but her eyes say another. She is doing it out of respect for her father. Till the last second, she believes that her love will prevail, and the man of her dreams will show up. Alas, that doesn’t happen.

Despite that, Mushk is unwilling to let go. She vents out at Ismail and tells him in no uncertain terms that this isn’t going to be a loving or caring relationship. It is a complicated situation compounded by the fact that Mushk’s family members are also in mourning. They feel the pain of Mushk and try to mask it. While Irtiza also fights his inner demons.

It will be interesting to see how Irtiza reacts when he hears about the marriage. Will he realize what he has lost? Or will he continue in his set ways? Only time will tell. 


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