By Mehwish A. Wahid

‘Qayamat’, a production of 7th Sky Entertainment has kept us intrigued since its first episode as we have been presented with one happening episode after another. Samra’s life has been torn apart after she had to separate from Saad, whom she loved, and had to marry Rashid, who is an arrogant, good-for-nothing man. Although she signed up for this life herself so that her parents do not have to suffer, she knows that her life will not be easier henceforth.

Last night’s episode mainly focused on Samra getting mistreated by Rashid and bearing it with patience. From their wedding night, Rashid made it clear to her that she was an unwanted person in his life. While Rashid scolded her for little things, Rashid’s mother also gave Samra a cold treatment. This was noticed by not just Samra’s sister but also her mother who got worried about Rashid’s behavior with Samra. Samra’s parents already knew about the kind of a man Rashid was, but still they got her married to him instead of taking a stand for their daughter.

On the other hand, Jawad has fallen in love with Ifra and Ifra also seems to be attracted to him. Jawad leaves no chance in expressing his interest in her and also asks Ifra in subtle words whether she will be by his side forever. The two share a sizzling on-screen chemistry and it is a treat to watch them together in a frame.

We also saw Rashid going after his love Pari the next day of his wedding. While Rashid is truly in love with her, Pari is not sincere with him. She poses that she is hurt with his decision to marry Samra but she is actually not loyal to him. When Rashid came to meet her, she hurriedly took off all jewelry and presented to him that she was really depressed after his marriage. Ahsan Khan has done complete justice to his character and makes us despise Rashid for his impatient and disrespecting attitude.  

The preview of the next episode is also enticing and we can’t wait to find out what will happen next in ‘Qayamat’ and in Samra and Ifra’s life. Overall, Qayamat looks like a promising show with some twists and turns every step of the journey, and we are totally invested in the show now.


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