JPNA 2 has been released since Eid-ul-Adha and has become one of the biggest hits in the history of Pakistan with Box office collection of more than forty crores, followed by Parwaaz hai Junoon. The film casts Humayun Saeed, Fahad Musatafa, Mawra Hocane and so many other stars.

It is a pure entertainment movie which has not just impressed the youth but also the Newly elected president: Arif Alvi.

He might be one of the coolest presidents that we have had in a while. The man took out the time to watch the movie and in-fact appreciate it on twitter.

And Humayun Saeed, for whom the movie is close to heart, was quick to respond.

Well, it makes us happy to see that finally the political personalities are also interested in Cinema. JPNA 2 has become the highest grossing movie of 2018 and has given the industry some real box-office goals!

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