On more than a few occasions we have asked for Durdana’s help. Calling her out while stuck in impossible situations, because we trusted Fawad Bhagga (Humayun Saeed) in his film Punjab Nahin Jaongi  when he portrayed Durdana as the wonder woman with psychic abilities to right all wrongs! And this is how Durdana became the savior of our realms!



Khalil ul Rehman, the writer of Punjab Nahin Jaongi has however condemned any help his way from Durdana!Yes ladies and Gentleman! Durdana aka Urwah Hocane has been recently asked out of the lead role from Khalil ul Rehamn’s upcoming film, “Kaaf Kanghana!” And well, he wasn’t really so nice about it!

Watch Video Statement  here:

Khalil ul Rehman, the amazing writer, actor as well as a renowned director, bags the names of some of the most successful drama serials and films including piyaray afzal, sadqay tumharey and punjab nai jaongi. The very famous song “Zaruri tha“, sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, was written by Khalil Sahb himself and has reached over 50000 million views over international media. A man of great character with an impressive portfolio, Khalil ul Rehman has an evident dislike for dishonesty, especially when it comes to work.


Following some problems with having Sohai Ali Abro to play the lead in Khalil Sahb’s upcoming film Kaaf Kanghana, Urwah Hocane was offered the role upon her “begging” and using her relationship with Farhan Saeed who happens to be a very close friend of Khalil Sahb. However Khalil ur Rehman is not a man whose patience should be tested repeatedly!


Well, it looks like Durdana couldn’t help Khalil ur Rehman out of crisis, and so he got rid of her, while making sure he never even considers signing her up again in any of his projects. Urwah’s tantrums and nakhray as the lead actress didn’t work very well with the employer, who has now brought in the very dedicated and absolutely gorgeous Anushey Mughal to play the lead role. Fingers crossed!


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