Piyara Ramazan

As we enter the last Ashura of Ramadan, we have mixed feelings of happiness and sadness as the holy month is about to end and the gifts that it brought to us along with it will also leave. One of the highly anticipated gifts that are given to us by Express TV in the month of Ramadan is its Piyara Ramadan transmission.

As Transmission is also ending with the holy month, we are sad that such a nice show will leave our screens and we will also miss the piyari bataein that we got to know during the show, but we are positive that the channel will bring us something that we will all love the next year.

The show hosted by Rabia Anum consists of many engaging segments. From delicious cooking recipes by Chef Arooj that made our iftari complete with a cherry on top to the celebrity meet and greet, the kitchen Master cook-out Chef Jalal as a Judge in cooking competition season 2, and not to mention the cute little story time segment for kids led by Babur Junaid Jamshed and Saif ullah Junaid in which he taught the children the history of Islam for their knowledge; the show will forever remain in the hearts of the spectators.

Watch the video here:

Also last but not the least Quiz segment on alternative days of transmission. Talking about Deen o Duniya, Molana Azad Jamil with Wazaif were also the part of ramzan transmission.

Watch out the segment glimpse here:

What we will also remember the next 11 months before we get another season of this transmission – we have our fingers crossed – will be the exuberant set, complete with intricate detailing that had us wowed from when we first saw it.

In a nutshell, Piyara Ramadan will be widely remembered by people all around Pakistan who tuned in to watch the show to make their day.


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