Just when we thought that Pakistani cinema was seriously lacking in its efforts to provide a platform for viewing a purely artistic film, Shazia Ali Khan drops the trailer of her debut film “Pinky Memsaab” which draws a full stop to all our concerns! The tantalizing story web created through talented actors from the international entertainment industry will stop you right in your tracks! Before you know it, you will find yourself appreciating the rhythm and pace of the trailer. Beware of the spoiler generators though; trust me, you wouldn’t want to ruin the suspense which the trailer has so artfully generated!

A storyline packed with intense emotions, thrill and drama, it vows to take you on a journey of self-discovery. We find Hajra Yamin, the very quirky Pakistani actress playing the role of Pinky, the Punjabi maid with cheeks as red as a tomato, who goes off to Dubai to discover the life of glitters and glamour of her Memsaab, Kiran Malik as Meher, who plays the role of an aspiring writer with a not so fulfilling life. The addition of extremely talented and famous actors for supporting roles such as Sunny Hinduja, Adnan Jaffar, Khalid Ahmed, and Shamim Hilaly, adorns this very interesting storyline. Quite noteworthy is the use of carefully articulated shots of Dubai and Pakistan, helping to draw a parallel between the two very different lives of the female leads. The crux of the entire storyline has been beautifully summed up in the following line:

“Some things are meant to be admired from afar, you go close and it’s just not the same anymore”

While the addition of a “tall, dark and handsome” young man as the hero could have attracted an even larger audience, we have yet to see whether the movie lives up to the hype it has created on the international media.

7th December is just round the corner mates, so let’s gear up, either to get entertained and add value to our money or to bash the artists and the producers for wasting our precious time!


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