Pledge Against Tobacco Consumption (aka PACT) kickstarts their antismoking campaign with the launch of the song ‘Adat Tor, Cigarette Chorr’ .

The song ‘Adat Tor, Cigarette Chorr’ was created by PACT with a purpose of making Pakistan’s youth aware of tobacco consumption as a global epidemic. Tobacco industries aggressively target the younger generation killing more than 1.5million every year. PACT is an initiative created to sensitize the masses on harms of smoking and affecting policy change. Using music as a medium, PACT founded by the director Mr. Shariq Khan has collaborated with musicians Shallum Xavier and Ahmed Jahanzaib.

On being asked the motivation behind such a song, Shariq Khan opines, “The casual smoking of cigarettes in public and in private spheres is a vice that needs to be nipped in the bud immediately. In today’s age of enlightenment, it is sad how many still think it’s okay to take up smoking and compromise own health as well as that of others.

Using the power of a colorful video backed with powerful vocals and composition, I aspire to reach out to the youth. Cigarettes are not cool and we need to ensure all measures are taken that can help make smokers quit the habit while also discouraging new smokers.”

With the song, PACT hopes to raise awareness against tobacco consumption at mass level while also generating discourse amongst the grass-tops.

When asked about why the musician Ahmed Jahanzaib felt the need to collaborate with PACT, the artist adds, “My reason for joining this anti-smoking campaign is to promote a healthier lifestyle and to spread awareness about the health hazards caused by it. Working with Shariq Khan and Incision was a very memorable experience, the team was extremely professional compromising of creative, young and energetic people. It was great fun, I loved every minute of it and can’t

wait to work with them in the future. Also, a special thanks to my brother and fellow artist Shallum Xavier for bringing me this project and also being a part of it. As a singer and a public figure, it is our duty to be proactive and support causes which are beneficial not only for the people but also the environment. So, SAY NO TO SMOKING and yes to staying healthy!”

An Incision Film production and sponsored by Karachi Port Trust (KPT), ‘Adat Tor, Cigarette Chorr’ is written by Jamil Akhtar, composed by Shariq M. Khan, produced by Shallum Xavier and performed by Ahmed Jahanzaib. The music video for the song is directed and produced by Shariq M. Khan while featuring personalities like Ayesha Toor, Kiran Khan, Umair Laghari, Rasikh Ismail Khan and many more. Details of launch date will be shared at a later date.


Pledge Against Consumption of Tobacco is a Public Advocacy Campaign aimed at generating discourse to influence policies regarding tobacco usage focused on digital and earned media.


Established in 2007, Incision is a full-spectrum media production house where the main goal lies in empowering change through awareness. Through creative aptitude, cutting edge equipment and technical expertise, the firm creates compelling content that captivates audiences, inspires action and drives results. Previous projects have included work for the military including ISPR, for the corporate with giants like Jazz and Unilever and in the development sector with the likes of WaterAid Pakistan and Plan International.


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