FIFA Burger Lab Championship 2019


The 2019 NGES FIFA Burger Lab Championship was a milestone in the history of collaborations in the Esports industry of Pakistan. Burger Lab franchise officials and Next Generation Esports gathered in person to explore this potential opportunity for the development of the esports industry in Pakistan that led to the organization of one big tournament for all the FIFA enthusiasts across Karachi

FIFA Burger Lab Championship

The massive event hosted over 200 contestants from all over Karachi, battling for a prize pool of 1 LAC PKR.

The contest was held in five different branches, and the esports agency NGES was in charge of supervising all media, broadcast, equipment, and other necessary operations. Additionally, a considerable audience reach was observed due to the tournament’s social media broadcasting. This meant that esports in Pakistan had a lot of untapped potential to compete if provided a strong foundation.

In addition to all the fun at the event, the participants received the franchise’s renowned “Firehouse” for free throughout their competitions, which undoubtedly raised spirits and delivered a powerful message. NGES brilliantly managed this offline competition. Zain Ali Shah won the grand tournament. The crowd was ecstatic and eagerly awaited what would come next.


The representatives of Pakistan’s top burger joint were astounded by the results that an Esports spirit of such magnitude exists in the local communities and are sure that Pakistan has immense potential to shine in international events as well. The Burger Lab officials also remarked that the leading esports agency NGES’ motto was wonderful and expressed a desire to host similar events in the future. 

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