Pepsi Pakistan recently dropped their new anthem Sohna Tu performed by the sensational Taha Malik and Aima Baig. Ever since the song dropped celebrities like Osman Khalid Butt, Usman Mukhtar, Muneeb Butt, Hira Mani, and Anoushay Abbasi started taking part in a challenge called the #WhyNotDanceMeriJaan challenge. They took to their social media and showed off their cool groovy moves on Sohna Tu and also challenged their friends and invited their followers to take part in the challenge.

Netizens absolutely loved their entries and it didn’t take long for them to hop on the bandwagon as they started posting their own entries and challenging their friends to take part in the #WhyNotDanceMeriJaan challenge too.

They showed off their moves and took the challenge to a whole other level!

Some of them even did a dance off with their friends.

It seems like the challenge is a huge hit amongst people and they’re having a blast dancing away to Sohna Tu and showing off their cool dance moves! The challenge is now the most trending challenge on TikTok as people send in their entries and challenge their friends to take part. Some of the most famous Pakistani TikTokers have hopped on the trend and posted their groovy dance moves!


Ufff what a Beat can’t Help but dance to it 🕺 Join the Movement Why Not Dance Meri Jaan@pepsipakistan #zulqarnainsikandar #zulqarnainfam

♬ original sound – pepsipakistan

The challenge is everywhere on Tiktok.


Amazing moves is what i know the best, here’s my entry in the trend. Join the movement now 😀. Why Not Dance Meri Jaan @pepsipakistan

♬ original sound – pepsipakistan

The movement has started! So Join the movement. Why Not Dance Meri Jaan@pepsipakistan

♬ original sound – pepsipakistan

As more and more people take part in the challenge, we can’t wait to see what they’ve got to show!


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