Muqaddar, a production of 7th Sky Entertainment, is just one episode away from its end and it had us all excited to find out how the narrative will end. Produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the powerful performances and excellent direction has made this drama one of the most popular dramas of the season. The second last episode of the serial went on air yesterday and depicted how the dynamics have changed now after the death of Saif ur Rehman. Last week, we saw Saif ur Rehman succumbing to his injuries and all of his near and dear ones mourning the shocking loss.

Raima and Abeera cried a lot after the doctor announced his death but Farkhanda cannot believe it when Abeera shares the sad news with her. She gets unconscious after Abeera tells him about the death of Saif-ur-Rehman and later it is shown that she is paralyzed. Abeera continues to hate her mother and her rude behavior does not change even after she sees her mother in a paralyzed state.

On the other hand, Raima exhibits a truly caring attitude towards Farkhanda. She takes care of Farkhanda who is unable to move on her own and makes sure that she gets proper treatment and food. Raima also tries to soften Abeera’s heart for her mother but is unable to do so. Meanwhile police are shown investigating and looking for clues to get to the murderers of Saif ur Rehman and they also inquire from Abeera and Raima but they do not share about Farkhanda and her brother’s involvement in the murder.

Now that Farkhanda has been exposed and has reaped what she sowed, we look forward to find out how the story will end. Saif ur Rehman is no more in the picture, hence we are anxiously waiting to find out what the drama makers have kept for Raima. Muqaddar has kept us hooked since the beginning and now we have our fingers crossed for the last episode next week.


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