While Load Wedding seems to be fully loaded, a number of anxious Pakistani bachelors might be still sorting out their Mehndi Playlists and fussing over suitable dance steps. Shadi is one of the favourite-hot topics of Paki Awaam every year. So no matter what you do, no matter what you become, ‘Shady tou hony hai bhai!’

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Thankfully, Load wedding has come up with something to ease your Wedding Load.

Munday Lahore Day’ (It’s okay if you are from Pindi or Karachi), is another hot number to make Boizez and girlzez rock ‘n’ roll and go Gaga––doing Bhangra for the rest of the Shadi season

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But seriously, it is a very fine-tuned, nicely composed, upbeat Shadi song from Filmwala’s forth-coming movie ‘Load Wedding’ –which is expected to hit cinemas this Eid-ul-Adha.

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The song is very Punjabi and has the fusion and beats of different Punjabi songs amalgamated into one!

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Starring Fahad Mustafa and the enchanting Mehwish Hayyat, the jori looks absolutely stunning. The rich outburst of so many colours and the chemistry between Fahad and Mehwish might remind you of ‘Nagara’ from Jab we met and ‘Baby ko bass’ pasand hai from Sultan.

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The sets are gorgeously vibrant! The whole ambiance of the song is very lahori.

Mehwish Hayyat’s looks sultrily gorgeous.

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Aside from the sets, we can get the flavour and feel of the whole movie from the flashy costumes that leads are wearing. Hmmm, good movie to watch for the people who also haven’t bought their wedding dresses yet. For Fahad Mustafa, this might be one of his best performances as a dancer till date.

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From the looks of ‘Munday Lahore day’, we can get some glimpse of rest of the movie as well.

Without a doubt, we are even more loaded with great expectations for Load Wedding!


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