Its twenty first century guys and the time to stay quite against crimes such as rape and child abuse are long gone. Media’s role in propagating and raising awareness about the topic has been incremental in recent years which have invariably caused a surge in the number of cases that are now being reported and taken care of.  ARY seems to have taken a lead in advocating social awareness regarding child abuse, especially after Zainab’s murder case got the hype on social media.

Meri Gurya” with it’s absolutely bone chilling story was the first drama of its kind to approach the topic so boldly. While the quite prominent reference to Zainab’s story must have been difficult to view for the parents of the wronged, however these topics do need to come out and maybe dramatised a bit too in order to warn people about the monsters which lurk in the shadows. Haiwaan with a similar storyline becomes the present day top rated drama serial.

You see, both the serials have a very evident sense of purpose and the sequence in which they have been released shows clearly that it was a well planned move. Where Meri Guriya has been dramatised a bit too much in order to catch viewer’s attention, ARY’s new drama serial Haiwaan looks more firm and better composed in terms of the storyline. Quite note worthy is the reference made towards the father-daughter bond in Haiwaan, which looks closer to reality than the superficial and overly dramatic bonds shown in Meri Guriya. However, both the dramas speak volumes about the grief of the traumatized and the life of the criminal before and after committing the crime.

The castes of both the dramas have been exceptional. While Meri Guriya boasts of the remarkable acting of Mohsin Abbas Haider, Sania Saeed and Sonya Hussain, “Haiwaan” steals the show by introducing Faisal Qureshi, Saweera Nadeem and Iffat Omer, the oldies!


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