Review By Nida Danish

Mere Mohsin’s latest episode unfolded many intense moments. Although the episode started on a happy note, where Mohsin (Syed Jibran) took a stand on not leaving his family or Soha (Rabab Hashim) while his mother (Saba Hameed) agreed that Soha can stay in their home, but the ride had just begun.

From Jahan Ara’s suicide attempt to Mohsin being MIA for several hours, it kept the viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the episode. Taking the story forward, the real struggles and hardships that Soha and Mohsin will face, are reeling in slowly. Soha now faces harsh resentment from Mohsin’s eldest sister Jahan Ara and his mother, but the show maintains a fair balance of support as well in the favor of Soha through the characters of two younger sisters of Mohsin.

The flawless performance of Rabab Hashim, throughout the drama is commendable. She started the show essaying a role of a confident and independent girl, and this episode required more than just confidence but also how the character transits into a girl striving through the hard choices of life. Rabab Hashim, brilliantly manages to keep the composure of the confidant girl while shattering inside after listening to harsh words of her mother in law. The way she carries a variety of expressions throughout the episode is a real show of her versatility. The intensity, with which she carried out the role in this episode is truly remarkable.

Mere Mohsin has yet to bring many cliffhangers and climax. So stay tuned to find out what exciting turns lay ahead in the drama.


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