Mera Rab Waris has aired its 24th episode last night, opening some more chapters and bringing new challenges for Ayesha. A production of 7th Sky Entertainment, the serial showcases a leading and inspirational character, Ayesha, played by Madiha Imam, who is likeable yet a lot different from everyone around her. Since the beginning she has been facing negative pressure from all around her because of her odd personality, yet her beloved husband, played by Danish Taimoor, stays there right by her side.

However, this time she has had severe challenges to deal with – Mazhar being one of them.

The cunning and evil hearted Mazhar has always been looking for ways to irritate Ayesha with a lustful eye, but this time he crosses his boundaries. He plays a trick to grab Ayesha’s hand for which she bravely protests. Her mother-in-law, who could hardly tolerate her in the house already, uses this opportunity to insult her. The story he creates to manipulate the scene is rather annoying, yet Ayesha shows her patience and deals with the situation wisely. A woman with such firm faith and patience like Ayesha surely nailed it with her confidence in the higher power’s justice.

On the other side Faizi’s wedding plans with Nimra seem to be the perfect chance to plot a little revenge by all the rivals. Mazhar has started planning to use Ayesha’s background with Faizi to spoil her image and stop Nimra’s wedding. Nimra and Faizi’s wedding itself has had many execution issues, which Ayesha is assigned to manage. However, Nimra seems adorably comfortable with her to-be in-laws’ simple function demands.

Overall the drama’s theme is pretty attractive and stimulating. After this episode, the story has become more thought-provoking and full of anticipation for what will happen if Ayesha gets trapped by Mazhar’s evil plans. Let us know what you feel about this episode of Mera Rab Waris.

By Asbah Umais


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