Turn on Geo TV and sit down glued to your television for another exhilarating drama series by the industry’s most renounced dynamic duo, Abdullah Khadwani and Asad Qureshi, under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment. 7th Sky Entertainment is a production house that has created several spectacular TV shows, such as Meri Zaat Zariya Bay Nishan, Fitoor, Raaz-e-Ulfaat, Ishq Jalebi, Khuda aur Mohabbat and many more. Following in these victorious footsteps, yet again it has not disappointed with the newest of its series, ‘Dour.’ 

Dour’s first episode aired on Tuesday at 8 pm, gripping millions to their seats with an outstanding performance by Sania Saeed, Hina Altaf, Ali Abbas, and Azfar Rehman playing the lead roles. The actors are best known for their superb roles in various top trending Pakistani dramas, dour is no expectation of their talent with everyone stepping out of their comfort zone. Each cast member is seen in a unique and new light, never before seen flair. 

Mazhar Moin has put life into the writings of Saji Gul with his direction skills and did justice to the profound script that was loved by all. The story revolves around a powerful woman with an undisclosed dark past, Mrs. Ehtisham, played By Sania Saeed, and her two sons Abaan and Rumaan. The story begins with Rumaan falling in love with a girl lower than his inherited standard, which threatens his mother to the extent that she propagates to make her life miserable.

Episode one starts with Asma, the daughter of a puppeteer, greeting her sister, who has separated from an abusive husband. The family is shown to be quite disturbed that her sister has come to live with them, given the financial constraint. Asma tries to convince her sister to get out of the marriage, but she is told off for not knowing better. The next day, her teacher asks her to sing at the annual function, where Rumaan hears her melodious voice and falls in love with her. Mrs. Ehtisham portrays a bold businesswoman coping with her dark past who revisits her husband’s grave with disappointment. 

Abaan is later introduced in the scene, creating chaos and throwing a tantrum because of his disabilities. He suffers from severe anger management issues, opposite Rumaan’s personality, with a more problem-solving approach. 

The next day Rumaan comes to the university to praise her and initiate a conversation on puppet costumes. Unfortunately for him, Asma negates the discussion by giving her father’s cellphone number for the job, ending the episode. 

Take a look at the all-new first episode of Dour that has proved to be a blockbuster with 1.7 Million views on youtube in just a day. The drama can become the next talked about serial on television, the family time for many households, and social media’s articulation.  

All-inclusive, it is a runaway success with a TRP of 7.1 as it showcases the leading actors of Pakistan with an enticing script that has people all around Pakistan hooked on the intensity of ups and downs of this action-packed and entertaining serial. 

Check out Dour’s first episode if you haven’t yet


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