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  • Movie with a purpose
  • A visual treat
  • Characters you can connect with
  • Music and choreography- Class A

While the name will give you some misunderstandings about the movie’s concept, since replacement of ‘shedding’ with ‘wedding’ has been more eye-catching (given our collective misfortunes), emphasis was rather on the ‘Load’ of the wedding–not electricity.

Load wedding is a two and a half hour comedy-romance film addressing some detrimental standards upheld by the society for unmarried and married women. From dowry to widowhood, Load wedding touches all corners through seemingly unintended sarcastic dialogue meant to leave you thinking for a long time…

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Colourfully Moralistic Story

Raja (Fahad Mustafa) is the only support of his family: Unmarried sister Baby Baji (Faiza Hasan) and Maa jee (Samina Ahmed). He has an unconfessed love for Meeru (Mehwish Hayat) since childhood but left is Raja heartbroken when Meeru gets married to another man.

But Meeru’s husband dies on the night of wedding which ‘endows’ her the title of a ‘widow’ and ‘Manhoos’ (cursed).

Since then she is constantly shamed and cut-off socially. Nonetheless, Meeru keeps her guard up and takes up a job as a polio agent. Raja (Fahad Mustafa) stalks her every move in a sweetly gentleman manner until finally gathering up his courage to approach Meeru.

Meanwhile Raja is more than ever desperate to marry the stigmatized but dignified Meeru, he has a very conventional obstacle

The unprinted rule of thumb says that Baby Baji should get married before Raja because of her passing age but failure to provide dowry keeps an insecure and inarticulately resentful baby baji Single.

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Raja faces resistance from his mother and Sister when he urges to marry Meeru. Getting the reaction that he did, Raja drinks a bottle of phenyl and to save him, Maa jee and Baby Baji finally agree. The next half, though, will answer the question of Baby Baji’s shady and the issue of Dowry. It will be an emotional ride from laughter to tears- ending with Raja’s thought-provoking speech.

Two different women representing two different sectors of the society

Wedding may be the priority in the list of survival but it places deathly pressures on larki walay- the material requirements along with a ‘physical beauty criteria’.

Baby Baji is verbally bashed for either being fat or Dark toned by Maa jee, leaving Baby Baji frustrated, provoked to the point of not letting her brother marry Meeru. While, Meeru is another extreme facing the ills of mentality and jinx associated with widowhood. And yet admiration at her patience and at her fate which discloses the unexpressed and innocent love of Raja.

The Love story is innocently intense with maturity and understanding, not based on empty standards. It conveys an important message for women that they should never lower the bar for petty demands since love can also come from someone like Raja. But it takes some patience for life to fetch the right person

The Fun element

Baby Baji is a die-hard fan of Ashiq Rafaqat ( Amir Liaqat’s mime). The character is  a hilarious display of goofiness. And yet his part amalgamates happiness, comedy and T.V ratings-emphasizing how seriousness of someone’s life can become a tool of entertainment.

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Over all, under Nabeel Qureshi’s direction, the movie does possess few elements of Na malum Afraad and Actor-in-Law. But the experience and content of Load Wedding was better. Visuals, sense of humor, intelligent dialogue, full use of the location, costumes, choreography and make-up created full ambiance of Punjabi culture.

Music and choreography are definitely a win-win.

If you are aching for a good story and want to spend your Eid money (in case you got some), Load wedding is your movie to watch!




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