I bet you considered it an ordinary drama serial when it went on air. Haina? The same old story, one negative character who ruins the lives of many, and then gets hit by karma! Well, well… Sometimes your ordinary story lines can win hearts, you know why?

The success of a drama serial is not only based on its story line, which though does make a good impact. However how that story line is told, the dialogues and their delivery matters most. And ah well, nobody deserves praise more than Saira Rizwan for conceiving the story in the best possible way.

Next comes direction! Whether its a drama serial, an advertisement, a movie or a tele-film, success comes with top notch direction which obviously depends on the skills of the director. The drama under discussion had the privilege to be directed by Shahid Shafaat, who managed to bring justice to every character by extracting phenomenal acting from each!

Actors! Bruh, you aint goanna do anything without them! Dil Mom ka Diya brought together a diverse range of actors with enviable acting skills. If anyone, Neelum Muneer’s acting needs to be doubly praised for doing justice to Ulfat’s character. Not only was the character difficult but the transformation which the director and writer envisioned would have gone down the hill if not for Neelum’s and Yasir’s chemistry together.

Yasir Nawaz’s unparalleled skills in acting must have been a huge plus point for the serial. For its the presence of senior actors and actresses in which juniors learn the most! Yasir, as Afzal, has splendidly balanced the negativity of Neelum’s character.

Here’s a clip featuring the best of Neelum Muneer and Yasir Nawaz from the last episode:

That’s not all folks, for we absolutely loved the chemistry of Hira Mani with Imran Ashraf, both of them being very strong and skillful actors. Here, see it for yourself!

You see, praising a serial or critiquing it, is so very essential. Our feedback not only motivates the artists behind the hard earned success of the serials, but also shows that we as a nation are alive and more than awake to respond to the kind of entertainment we re being offered by the industry. This kind of behavior promotes a more responsible attitude amongst the concerned authorities, thereby helping to empower the communities. Which is why, we ll refrain from holding back and will say it right on that the drama
“Dil Mom Ka Diya” managed to make way to our hearts through its beautifully crafted story.


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