A particular drama serial, to be released soon on ARY digital, has been making its rounds on the social media, with its recently released teasers.

So we decided to go in depth and see for ourselves what is so great and not so great about Gulo Gulzaar.

Lets start with the teaser:

Gul o Gulzaar teaser 3

Woah – Disappointed by the mundane looking and extremely predictable story line as well as the dialogues. We have already seen countless drama serials based on a beautiful friendship between two friends, one rich other not so rich! We have seen these friendships turn into animosities – with the occasional difference of who the antagonist would be; the rich or the poor girl.

As a matter of fact, we have seen Saboor Aly star in a drama serial which seemed to have quite a similar story line. Starring next to Hania Amir and Zahid Hamid, we remember Saboor as the betrayer of friendship for riches and glory.

But wait! Have we seen Kinza Hashmi in such a role before? Well that’s the interesting part – Kinza has experimented with the role of an antagonist as well as a protagonist, which makes her a pretty versatile actress. But getting to watch her play out an innocent looking docile character; we might not have experienced that before.

Looking at the teaser, it looks like there is so much more to kinza’s character in Gulo Gulzaar- layers of character development coupled with a certain mysteriousness which makes it even more interesting.

Looks like we ll need to watch the drama before we could understand the depth of her character!

Lets take a look at Kinza Hashmi’s career as an actress before Gulo Gulzaar.

We probably got introduced properly to Kinza after her mind blowing performance in Ishq Tamasha. Its rare that antagonists get to receive a good response from the audience and the only instances we have seen this happening is when well established and experienced actors play a negative role. Surprisingly enough, the young woman managed “Rushna’s” witty and selfish character pretty well.

That’s not all, is it?

Kinza gave us a stunning performance alongside Hamza Firdous in Seerat, keeping us hooked to the serial until the very last episode. We felt Maria’s pain in times of loss while we rejoiced at everything good that happened to her, which was made possible by Kinza’s phenomenal acting.

Did you know, Kinza is currently working alongside Imran Ashraf in a drama serial “Rani Nokrani” being aired on Express TV. The most surprising fact is that this drama serial is competing with Hum Tv’s serials, something which has never happened before!

It looks like Kinza might have possessed the necessary skills needed for the portrayal of the character she has been entrusted with in Gulo Gulzaar.

We hope and we wish that she continues the precedent she has set with astounding performances and manage to give another stellar performance.

The same goes for Saboor Aly and Parras Masroor, the two lead characters who will be oerforming alongside Kinza Hashmi.

Gulo Gulzaar is all set to go on air after Eid this year. We wish the team is able to spice up this drama serial which looks to have a mundane story line. Wishing them all the very best!


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