Good things come to those who wait…and by all things that are pure and holy, wait we did. For what seemed like a really long time, we waited patiently for Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3’s first episode. And finally the moment came yesterday.

 Now, we are here to tell you, it was a well worth the wait. The 1st episode introduced us to different characters, set up the storyline and brought about an amazing response on social media. It was among the top trends in Pakistan with people showering their love from across the country. In fact KAM 3’s power has already started to transcend national borders.

It was clear that from the very beginning that people had started to connect with each character and they were really engaged with the storyline.

Predictably Feroze Khan made an impression and a half.

Fans of Iqra Aziz weren’t to be left behind.

And some were egalitarian and praised the lead pair in equal measure.

This was just the start of KAM 3. A spectacular start for something incredible, we get the feeling. One could see there was a lot of foreshadowing done in a subtle manner, thumbs up to the director. The first episode had some fun and breezy moments. But as the story progress, we feel that it will get intense and engrossing. So far, so good, we can definitely say that.


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