The band from Karachi that everyone loves and cherishes – KASHMIR is soon to be back on our screens with a new song and we couldn’t be more excited! It is no lie that we are big band fans, so every time there talks of a new song coming out – there is no containing our joy.

After their first studio album ‘Khwaab’ which was released last year – KASHMIR has been giving us new music through alternate versions of their songs or renditions of legendary Pakistani poetry – and we are always entertained. But, after that first album release, and having been listening to their songs there is nothing we look forward to more than new music from them.

And, so, finally, the time is here. KASHMIR is coming back to bless us with some new music – and although we know nothing about the song yet, we are expecting to be blown away like we do every time by this talented bunch. Is ‘Ayi Bahaar’ the start of a new music album coming our way, or what? We don’t know yet – but our fingers are crossed and we are hoping for the best! Watch this space for more updates for when the song comes out – you know you’d be hearing all about it from here!

Watch Taser here:


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