To see a loved one in agony and pain can turn you into things, you never thought you were capable of. The bad health of Somia’s mother has become a catalyst of many things in this story. It has forced Somia to change as a person. Plus, it also gave Raheela a chance to drive a wedge between Somia and Hatim. We are fast approaching a point of no return for the duo.

In the latest episode, the whole family tries to find ways to source Somia’s mother’s operation. They are running out of time fast and are getting desperate. Even in such a dire situation, Raheela keeps scheming. She pushes Somia to ask Aden for money for the operation. Somia is thus far unaware of Aden’s affections for her. But Raheela wants to use this situation to fulfill her desire for revenge.

Somia unwittingly asks for the money, which Aden is more than happy to give. This becomes the first real interaction between the two. He then also goes to see Somia’s mother at the hospital. An emotional Somia opens up to Aden but as luck would have it, Hatim sees their interaction. Earlier, he had sold his car urgently to pay for the operation but by then Aden’s money had arrived.

For him, everything seems to be going haywire. As opposed to Aden, who finally has a chance to express his feeling to Somia. Next week would be a very interesting episode. We will find out how the health condition of the mother, things go between Somia and Aden and how Hatim would react to it. Aden is increasingly confident, while Hatim is suspicious and nervous.

Things are surely heating up in 7th Sky Entertainment’s Kasa e Dil. Just the way we like it here. Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Queshi have brought yet another story that is keeping us hooked and we can’t wait to see what happens next.


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