Kasa-e-Dil has captured our attention since the beginning and with each episode our interest has grown more in the serial. Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi led 7th Sky Entertainment has produced another love story that has us totally invested in the story. Hatim and Somia loved each other a lot but the evil forces working to separate the two have now began to take charge. Rahila and Fehmida are trying their best to create differences between the two for their own purposes, and they somehow have become successful in doing so.

Rahila is a sharp girl, who knows how to manipulate the situation in her favor. She not only brainstorms Somia to leave Hatim for the sake of family honor but also tries to take advantage of the knowledge that Adan loves Somia. She messages Adan from Somia’s phone to come and visit her place and that she was waiting to meet him. Somia, who is not aware that it was Rahila who called him over, behaves quite rudely with Adan when he not only comes but also brings a present for her.

Rahila is trying to give Adan the impression that Somia also loves him but Somia returns the gift to Adan in his office, hinting him that he has no place in her life. Hatim sees her in Adan’s office as she is leaving, and that is the final nail in the coffin of their love. Hatim’s misconceptions grow after seeing Somia in Adan’s office and he tells Somia that he has betrayed him and has been disloyal to him. Somia is heart-broken upon hearing such harsh words from Hatim but she knows that Hatim’s doubts have grown so much that it is difficult to clear things with him.

Overall, it was an engaging episode with Rahila’s plans turning out to be successful. Hina Altaf and Sukaina Khan have done complete justice to their roles as Somia and Rahila respectively. Affan Waheed has also done a phenomenal job and so has Ali Ansari. The preview of the next episode shows Adan will also tell about Somia to her mother after Rahila insists him to bring his family for Somia’s proposal. Looking forward to what the upcoming episodes bring to us in this love triangle.


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