New dramas, new faces, and new stories – that is what helped us make it through 2020 and so far it looks like it would be the same case in 2021. It is fun to see the entertainment scene move from traditional to digital – and one drama we recently got hooked to that deserves all our praises is Tasveer, which has been airing on YouTube.

Tasveer is a drama that highlights the social issue faced by girls and their families who are in the search of a perfect life partner. It has all the elements to keep you hooked – love, cute-meets, jealousy, and deceit – you’ll find everything to keep you entertained with this drama. One girl who recently made an entry and took all of us by surprise was Kaneeze Zainab as ‘Aqsa’ and we have to say, this young new actress is on her way to becoming a rising star after this performance.

With multiple intertwined storylines, we are excited to see how the story would progress now – because after watching Kaneeze Zainab in it, our interests have already spiked. A dentist by profession, and now rising as an actress – this actress has the charm to steal the scene whenever she appears in a frame. So far, we can’t exactly put our fingers on whether she is a negative character or a positive one – but one thing is for sure, that Kaneeze Zainab will keep us guessing for now.

The story by far is moving at an interesting pace, and amidst an ensemble cast of Omer Shehzad, Haroon Shahid, Yashma Gill, Nimra Khan, and others – Kaneeze Zainab has steadily made her place. Credit goes to her on-point facial expressions and the knack of bringing life to the character like it is her own self. We are excited to see what happens in the story next. Will Aqsa be able to catch her lying and cheating husband, will she continue to stand up for herself and keep herself safe from his threats, or will things go bad for her? We can’t wait to watch the next episodes!


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