Justice well done ­– Coke Studio’s Shikwa/ Jawab-e- Shikwa from Season 11- Episode One

Source: Coke Studio

Talk about Coke-studio’s signature style, it already aces in rendering two different genres so smoothly, you can barely feel the difference.

The perfect example could be heard in this Season’s Jawab-e-Shikwa where rumbling Rock and the extremes of Qawali were put together- to the greatest test of all times in the Coke studio.

In the past, Coke-studio usually ‘reinvented’ the old classics under the supervision of Strings but this time, with the arrival of new producers- Kazi and Ali Hamza-there seems to be some trial and error done with the content.

The Jawab-e-Shikwa is one bold attempt to break the ice: A new experiment with verses and melody.

A little unnerving in the start- for the lovers of Allama Iqbal’s poetry- the song begins with Natasha Baig’s empowering vocals, with electric guitar, dholak and harmonium following throughout. The best thing about Natasha’s performance was her execution of the powerful verses which required adaab and adaigy (respect and delivery of the verses) while keeping her voice intact with the whole composition and loud music.

There were some places where composition did sound monotonous-until Abu Muhammad, Fareed Ayaz and Qawwal & Brothers stepped in with their soul-wrenching voices, which literally gave a buzz and energy to the song till the end. It stirred the emotions, expressing Iqbal’s poetry in the most soulful terms with rock and Qawali.

Overall, the first episode from this Season seems to be a nice start. The Naya-Pakistan generation is definitely looking forward to Naya music from Kazi and Ali Hamza.

For the rest of the episodes, Break a leg, Coke studio!




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