By Mehwish A. Wahid

Junaid Khan is one of the most talented actors of our industry who has various popular dramas to his credit. With one hit project after another that included Kamzarf, Hania, Ishq Tamasha, Yaariyan, and Thays amongst some of the recent ones, Junaid Khan has proved his mettle in the entertainment industry and carved a niche for himself in the drama industry.

In the recently concluded Mohabbat Na Kariyo too, he once again proved that he is a brilliantly talented actor. The drama had a romantic storyline that centers on two people Asad and Zara, played by Junaid Khan and Hira Mani, who belong to two different worlds. Produced by Hassan Zia, written by Samina Ejaz and directed by Syed Ahmed Kamran, Mohabbat Na Kariyo revolved around love, innocence, hatred, ego, and envy. The cast included big names apart from the lead couple of Junaid Khan and Hira Mani, such as Atiqa Odho, Zarnish Khan, Ali Ansari, and Mariam Nafees.

Junaid played the role of Asad, who was madly in love with Zara, a simple and caring girl, played by Hira Mani. The two lead characters belong to different social backgrounds and have their problems to face, but after some troubles, they finally get married. However, their love story goes through a long period of misunderstandings and separation when Asad’s mother, Tasneem, played by Atiqa Odho, comes up with one evil plan after another to draw them apart from each other. She sends Asad away from Zara for a business setup abroad and gets him married to a girl Rabia, who is an opportunist and clever girl. The story brings a lot of twists and turns, but by the end of the drama, Asad and Zara reunite. Tasneem and her daughter Nida realize the mistakes they committed and regret the wrongs they did to Zara. Zara forgives Asad and embraces his daughter from Rabia.

Throughout the drama, Junaid Khan’s power acting outshined. Even though his character went through a lot of phases, he nailed every expression and was able to provide us with an effortless portrayal of Asad. From being in love with Zara to return years later with misunderstanding and grudges for her to being regretful for accusing her of not being loyal to him, Junaid Khan aced every shade of his character with his brilliant acting. His perfect dialogue delivery, charming looks, and high-quality acting made Asad a character that the audience could connect with and relate to. His spot-on facial and body expressions throughout the drama with eloquent dialogue delivery brought him appreciation and critical acclaim. He gave Asad’s character the right energy it required, neither making it look overdone, neither underwhelming.

It is because of Junaid Khan’s acting prowess that he has attained such heights of fame and success, and he is seen in one drama after another for different channels. He will be seen next with Hira Mani once again in the upcoming show ‘Kashf’ from HUM TV, and we are really excited about it and looking forward to another intriguing project from the duo. Let’s see what Junaid Khan would be bringing to our screens this time.


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