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  • More Entertaining

  • Better Story 

  • Variety in Characters

Sequels are often treated with less expectations not because they are inadequate in proficiency but sequels can become unrequited efforts to overbear the success of the original. Plus, people usually love the originals more.

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 has turned out to be the exact opposite!

What was better?

It was grander, funnier and more entertaining and a bit politically ‘sporty’. Addition of characters without over-crowding and a new location with main antagonist-not your typical thug-type as seen in the past movies- was rather an important transition (Thankfully).

A three-hour long melodrama based in Pakistan,Turkey and Dubai with so much wit and humor, the film accelerates with no pauses to yawn. Like JPNA-1, the energy was invincible with puns and punch lines, some savvy; some-though-flat. The overall story is glued together with love, money and indopak conflicts into a final Master-piece, almost peacefully–at the end.

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Humayun Saeed (Sherry) plays an emotional wreck who falls for Kubra Khan (Saleena) while committing suicide after the death of his wife, Marina (Mehwish Hayyat).

Humayun Saeed (Sherry) did not seem much different from JPNA-1, along with Vasay Chaudhary(Sheikh) and Ahmed Ali Butt( parvez), but the threesome were funnier and more troubled. Fahad Mustafa (Rahat) is the brother-in law based in Turkey who is rich and in love with Mawra Hocane (Zoe). Fahad Mustafa was the ultimate style-icon and played his character in full spirit. Kubra Khan and Mawra were luminescent and gorgeous but their characters lacked expressional intensity in some places.

The wives Sarwat Gillani (Gul) and Uzma khan (Lubna) had supporting roles- weren’t much of a highlight this time.

Sohail Ahmed has played a colorful character as Zoe’s (Mawra Hocane) father, the character will leave you laughing hysterically. While Fawad Khan’s surprise Rockstar Cameo will pump you up .

Fawad Khan in JPNA-2 Source: File


The amount of songs were equitable. Music was dandy, cleverly put together with Tillay wali juty and Aye Larye being the highlight of JPNA-2. Cinematography played a crucial role in portrayal, although, there are still reservations about the choreography which could have been better.


Nadeem Baig’s selection of location and aesthetical play with characters, costumes and music made Jawani Phir Nahi-2 look twice better. He also didn’t let the glint of characters over-take the aura of actors. There was a blended approach, keeping the actors and characters in one line. Minor climaxes and revelations amid the chaotic suspense kept the viewer asking for more-even if some scenes were lugging.

Best Thing:

Nadeem Baig and Vasay Chaudhary’s sheer cleverness was apparent from the usage of current political situation by referring to Imran Khan’s ’89 Test series under Imran Khan‘s captaincy between Indian and Pakistan to make a premise for IndoPak conflict in the movie. Be ready for a Hoot and a laugh when Hamza Ali Abbasi (Guest-appearance) coaxes the Bride’s father(Kanwaljit Singh) in Imran Khan’s voice.

Overall, the movie is not just entertaining but a strong contender against movies of 2018. If you are having an itch for laughter, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani-2 is your movie to watch.


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