By Aysha Ahmed

Another drama, and another beautiful OST. 7th Sky Entertainment’s Deewangi has a beautiful OST that got us hooked. We are already very sure that the OST of Deewangi is here to stay in our hearts as it is the kind of OST that you can independently as a song listen to even if you aren’t following the drama.

Produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the drama itself is a romantic tale of two people who belong from very different worlds, but fate crosses their paths, and they fall head over heels in love with each other.

For such a fantastic story comes an amazing OST that succeeds in introducing two of our favorite actors from the television industry, Danish Taimoor as Sultan Durrani and Hiba Bukhari as Nageen Faiyaz. Let’s first talk about Danish Taimoor and Hiba Bukhari together in a romantic atmosphere. The whole chemistry between the two actors represented in the OST is another level of charm.

The video shows short clips of the couple sharing the intensity of love and the power of pain that they both would go through. The best part of the video is the scene where Sultan Durrani waits for Nageen. He is sitting on the bonnet of his car. As the rain pours over him, and Nageen watches him from her window, the glances exchanged between him and Nageen, are out of this world.

Can we label this song as the most aggressively romantic song of 2020? 

The lyrics of the song written by Imran Raza have strong words that reflect the depths of their love and the amount of suffering, as their love is put to the tests of time. Although the song is loaded with beautiful phrases, it doesn’t sound exaggerated in any way. It is balanced with words that talk about love to make the song more enjoyable.

Of course, Sahir Ali Bagga deserves most of the credit for his soulful voice to these lyrics. Anyone else would have turned it into a song of revenge, based upon the wordings but Sahir Ali Bagga’s soothing voice has the power to turn powerful words of a song into a romantic song of lost love.

Deewangi’s OST is the complete package when it comes to music, lyrics, and composition. All in all, a very impressive OST to go with a hugely anticipated love story of this year.  


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