The acclaimed “Idiot” drama series, crafted by Anna Kazmi for Green Entertainment, stands out with Ahmed Ali Akbar’s portrayal of Gulzar fearlessly challenging societal norms. This groundbreaking show, known for its unique storytelling and compelling characters, leaves a lasting impact by not only entertaining but also questioning societal narratives.

Gulzar’s Unexpected Faint:

The episode begins with Bholay visiting Gulzar, who faints upon his arrival. Throughout the night, Bholay tends to him, placing a wet cloth on his forehead. When Gulzar regains consciousness in the morning, Bholay brings him breakfast and encourages him to stop being alone, emphasizing the importance of relying on him too.

Rida’s Unyielding Pursuit:

Despite her friend’s attempts to stop her, Rida persists in leaving her van and heads to the familiar meeting spot with Angel. Overwhelmed with emotion, she reminisces about the lies Angel used to tell and the things he used to do. On her way back, she spots his car and silently follows him, keen on observing his movements before returning home.

Maternal Apology and Daughter’s Stance:

Rameen’s mother approaches her with an apology, taking responsibility for the strain in her relationship with Gulzar. She urges Rameen to call Gulzar, emphasizing that it has been a while since he initiated contact. However, Rameen declines, asserting that she will not reconcile unless Gulzar takes the initiative to call and bring her back home.

Gulzar’s Reflective Moment and Forest Confrontation:

Gulzar, breathless and in a distressed state, reflects on the happiness he once shared with Rameen. Recalling cherished moments, he blames himself for all that went awry in their relationship.

As Gulzar walks, he comes across individuals cutting trees. Choosing silence, Gulzar attempts to move away, but they accuse him of being a spy, linking him to the death of his dog. Enraged by the revelation that they killed his dog, Gulzar charges at them, only to be severely beaten as they outnumber him

Bakhtawar’s Revelation

Meanwhile, Bakhtawar contacts Mehwish, disclosing her husband’s wrongdoing and his infidelity, along with the revelation of being blackmailed. Filled with fury, Mehwish confronts Saadat, demanding an explanation for his actions. Saadat’s parents arrive, and Mehwish exposes his deeds to them. Saadat foolishly justifies his behavior, claiming that affairs are commonplace in current times.

Gulzar’s Heroic Intervention

Mistaking Bholay for Gulzar, the individuals cutting trees in the forest capture him, tying him to a tree and questioning his concern for the forest. The gang leader orders his men to proceed with harm. In a timely intervention, Gulzar arrives, snatching a phone to stall and summon the police. His efforts succeed, leading to the arrest of the perpetrators. Grateful locals thank Gulzar for his bravery, and at that moment, he faints once again.

Gulzar’s Cancer Revelation:

During Gulzar’s visit to the doctor for a checkup, the physician requests information about any relatives as they need to discuss the reports. Gulzar insists on handling it himself. Reluctantly, the doctor reveals the grim news that Gulzar’s reports indicate he has reached the third stage of cancer, leaving Gulzar in profound shock.

Gulzar’s Resolution:

The episode wraps up with Gulzar contemplating how, despite avoiding harmful habits like smoking, he still finds himself battling cancer. Realizing the foolishness of his actions, he packs his belongings, bids Bholay farewell, and resolves to return to city life. Determined to rectify past mistakes, Gulzar embarks on a journey to set things right.


Through nuanced storytelling and stellar performances, each episode unfolds as a captivating chapter, leaving a profound impact on the audience. The drama, under the skilled hands of its creators, not only entertains but also challenges societal narratives, making it a standout in contemporary television.


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