Ramsha Khan steals the show in just the very first episode of HumTum as Neha and the audiences are in love with her already.

Hum Tum that started on the 1st of Ramzan and has already gotten everyone glued to the screens. This star studded drama is full of comedy and we just can’t get enough of it.

Starring Ramsha Khan and Ahad Raza, this Ramzan serial will be uplifting our moods throughout.

While fan’s are loving the entire vibe and cast of this serial, its Ramsha Khan’s character that has truly won their hearts as Neha. Her bubbly and full of life character has blown everyone away and fans cannot stop appreciating her in the very first episode of Hum Tum.

Seems like Ramsha Khan playing her role has Neha in her own elements is exactly what this drama needs to become a complete hit.

Neha made such a strong impact that Twitter also exploded with appreciation posts for her acting and role. As people all over the world became a fan of her overnight.

Her wit and comedy is next level as she adds so much life and spice to her character and over all drama.

Other than her phenomenal acting, her entire persona and look has her trending all over social media. Ramsha Khan has really out done herself and we cannot wait for the next episode.

Her fans can not get over how she tackles the chemistry as a subject!

Neha has her fans in complete fits of laughter as they enjoy each and every being dialogue being delivered with such great humor.

Are you anxiously waiting for the next episode? Because we know we are! Let us know what you think in the comments below


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